No longer drawing conclusions

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She drew a box

Like a teeny tiny little girl inspired by the little Prince

Telling everybody she used to put in boxes;

The lamb you are looking for is inside

To many her drawing made no sense

Have you lost your marbles they said?

Maybe the girl replied, but not my imagination

Find your inner child too and come see

More than you ever imagined Love to be

I am

No longer drawing conclusions





Never mind me

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We all have faith in something

No one of us can change this fact

We cannot erase our subconscious

We cannot know our unknowns

What we are still to learn

We are in the dark about

Unlearning the not yet learned would be impossible would it not?

The sieve of our subconscious calls its shots

Making us all impossible imposters from time to time

Never mind me

Are you tired of being judged?

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Are you tired of being judged? I guess being misunderstood is the name of the game in life. We are all measured, judged, labeled and put into boxes where we do not belong. Or if we indeed belong or partially so the reasons for this are not even remotely understood by the accusers. A depressing process that does not stop until that final box five feet under.

This topic weighs heavily on my heart and maybe it does on yours too? I am not here to claim my innocence, after all my DNA is part of the human-race. Aiming for that complete stillness though.

From an evolutionary perspective we are talking about a great tool to ensure survival. Friend, enemy or someone to reproduce with? Beneficial information, but beyond that not so great. Based on merely fragments of information the human-mind generate complete personality profiles of virtually everybody observed. The main problem being that this is as credible as a fox’s report on number of chickens left in the chicken coop. Now what if a person hurts our feelings, but that offender never intended to? Then, who holds the ultimate truth?

Who makes these changes?
Who makes these changes?
I shoot an arrow right.
It lands left.
I ride after a deer and find myself
Chased by a hog.
I plot to get what I want
And end up in prison.
I dig pits to trap others
And fall in.
I should be suspicious
Of what I want.





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The wind growls and howls

Yes, the wind growl and howls

From order and construction

Came chaos and destruction

Hammering waves of salt

Came in for assault

This scene was quite obscene

Like a nightmare never seen

A minuscule little boat

Was trying to stay afloat

Asking questions was her thing

But who could hear a thing

Under the deafening sound of the wind

Even louder than before

Ever, ever increasing more

The wind screams and stresses;

As labor progresses

One broken toy …

Let us call her Joy

Not knowing how to prevail

Until she turned her sail

The birth of valuable lessons

A sea of personal confessions



Life awaits

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On the other side of this disease crippling me today there is life. I had a fever for several days recently, something ignored as much as possible. Today of course paying the price! I am such a slow learner:-( So, rest has forced its way into my life. Supported by my mind when reread one the blog-posts written when fever was at its worse, and it was not good. It was like the fight mode my body was/is in just permeated through the whole thing. So, blogging will have to wait for my good health to return.

I hope you stay healthy and not get this or any other diseases.


♡ ♡


The happy post

Out of my mind


The first blog-post when I came firmly back here on WP was well received. It was a happy blog-post, oozing with positive vibes. After this different, eye-opening and controversial issues were dived into. That is when views and likes went downhill. Not that follower levels are high at this point, technically this is only the start of my second week. The weird and strange thing is though that I am more at peace now than blogging back in the days. Quite unequipped I was to handle follower numbers approaching 400. It feels strangely calming to not have to deal with that many views or likes. Also, I think that even though that some of my content are not preferred by the crowd does not mean it cannot be valuable and meaningful to someone. Math is not my strong side, but statistically it should be possible. Perhaps somewhere along the line, there might come a soul or two that find great comfort and company in all of this. Someone that feel that this is a place where they can let their guard down and be themselves. Be loved for whom they are, not how people around them want them to be. So, maybe I am the Christian Kimmy Gibbler of the blogging world. So what? Maybe somewhere on the horizon there is a group of creative, open-minded souls that one day will embrace our weirdness together. One strange step at a time.

On the stage of life be yourself everyone else is taken.

Oscar Wilde

♡ ♡

I hope you find encouragement in this:

If I could not handle not being good at something, then how could I consider myself a successful person?


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