woman in white and black checked shirt

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After spending life under a dome

In an artificial home

She was happy to be coming home

A rainbow girl

Ready to stop the spin and twirl

Of a gazillion lies

With its hollow highs

To stop its ugly gaze

&find the end of the maze

Where the end is the beginning

&only truth is winning

You black panther! Exposed in your void!


Check mate!

The pawn became the queen

For the King held her hand


My king Jesus Christ

A loving God <3

God loves you


Dear you, thank you for being here. I am grateful that the topic a loving God led you right here. Your presence is a blessing. Thank you.

Have you ever seen a film or read a book about miracles? Were any of them based on a true story? I hope that you have hope in miracles and a loving God. Perhaps you already are a person of faith. Or maybe you are struggling with doubt. Perchance you are not at all on the fence, but an atheist with science and proof as your defence. Finally, you may have experienced a miracle or two yourself. Whomever you are, welcome to this journey.

No matter your position your perspective is unique. This is where my puzzle begins. You see twice in my life I have experienced miracles. I dare to dream big and that is to share them with all the people of the world. When I say share I really do mean share because this is about selflessly and happily giving away precious gifts. The greatest present of them all being love, but also hope and faith in a good future. Thank you for joining me on this journey. My precious, you are not travelling with a leader.

Do not walk in front of me …

I may not follow

Do not walk behind me …

I may not lead

Walk beside me …

Be my friend

Quote Albert Camus


Come on let us establish honesty and truth. First, thing on my part is to be clear that I am not all-knowing and not even close to having the answers because I am not God. This person is just a small messenger that errs and falls short, but the one I met will not. He is amazingly and profoundly loving, good and faithful.

With all that said, the two of us may ask ourselves what could be shared on my part that would be meaningful and of value to you. How can I strike a chord with you. After all you and I evaluate, measure and judge our experiences from the foundation of ourselves. Also, who am I trying to convince you or anyone else about anything. Yet, here I am to tell you that God exist, and that you are created with a purpose. With my leap of faith I hope your heart skips a beat. God dreamt of someone exactly like you that is why he created you and he loves you more than words can express.

Kindness as a gown


That being said, why would you trust me in my firm claims of a creator. After all the tighter the grip the looser the hand. You are free to choose my friend, this is merely my attempt to hold your hand softly and guide you into the arms of a loving Father and his Word. “Take my word for it” falls short because it is not about my word. It is about God’s Word. I have “met” the Word and I hope you will give him a try. Are you a curious open-minded person interested in reading about my miracles? Let me know in the comment section, I encourage you to bring the comment section to life. Let us establish a bond so that we are both senders and receivers. There is no other way to have a heart to heart.

My precious atheist let us be kind, loving and not go into hatred. The responses to your objections have already been written:


“My name is Isabella Ravndal. I am the unprofessional me. Nothing to look up to because what it boils down to is; love for you and love for me. Isabella comes from the Hebrew name אלישבע, pronounced elisheva. The names Elisabeth, Isabel, Isabella all come from Elisheva, that in Hebrew means God is my Oath.

I am a seeker of the truth

I will undress for it

I will lay down my diamond sword for it

Rest my tongue for it

I will fall …

Until I am nothing at all

Then, I will rise with the Love of dawn

In this book you will find a mixture of science with its facts. Faith with its scriptures. Pages rich in content put in a bigger context. Like a journey through a never mind me. Hope the words meet you, greet you and fill you with your sound.

Love, Isabella”